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Welcome to RH Medical Aesthetics a luxurious clinic in Lincolnshire offering a variety of rejuvenation and restoration treatments. We are here to provide you with your own treatment plan, designed to rejuvenate, restore and revitalise they way you look and feel. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in anti-aging treatments. Our safe and effective treatments are tailored to your individual needs so you can achieve the results you desire. Whether you are looking for a treat, a boost in confidence or to rekindle your youthful beauty, we have something for you.


What people say?

"Looked and felt ten years younger! Could never go to anyone else. Rupee is so gentle and responsible. Never had any problems with scarring or unnatural effects and people say how great I look..."
"I hold Dr Hayes in the highest regard for her excellent cosmetic eye and painless procedures that she performs. She knows exactly what is going to look the most natural way to enhance my facial features, making them look fresher and younger without a false look. I would recommend Dr Hayes to anyone wishing to improve themselves without the need for surgery..."
"When you first meet Rupee she makes you feel at ease and gives you confidence. She discusses with you what your needs and requirements are. I took the approach that I was in the hands of a professional who knew more about the subject than me. She gave me her advice and then I decided to go straight ahead with the procedures. She gave me a price which was within my budget. The procedures were only slightly uncomfortable. No pain involved. I had some filler as well as Botox. The 2 treatments did not take long. The results were immediate and when I looked at myself I had a little cry. I was at least 10 years younger. I was the woman I knew years ago and I loved her. People do pass comment on how well I look. Or what make up are you using or have you lost weight? I've been back to Rupee 2 or 3 times since. The boost it gives me to my confidence and feeling of well being is immeasurable... "
‘"After having been to several cosmetic practitioners (all of which were ok), I stumbled upon Rupee. That was several years ago and now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Not only does she do an incredible job cosmetically but she is also a really lovely lady that puts you at ease. I no longer live near to Rupee but I still come all the way back for her treatments. I couldn’t recommend Rupee highly enough"


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